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Bali - Indonesia

19th Oct - 2nd Nov 2008
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  • Australasia 2007 - Pattaya
  • World Shoot XV - Bali
    Gun Debate
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  • Welcome to PNG Practical Shooting Association (PNGPSA)

    We promote the safe, responsible and enjoyable use of firearms within a sport known as IPSC. International Practical Shooting Confederation is the worldwide body and PNGPSA is one of 85 international affiliate member nations.

    IPSC is a unique sport where three types of firearms are used in dynamic competition.

    Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns are used by licensed people, on accredited shooting ranges, in a variety of scenarios that test the overall skill, discipline and safe gun handling of each competitor.

    Firearms are ranked into degrees of handling difficulty, and are used to engage cardboard and steel targets over two other factors - Time and Accuracy.

    The sport is suitable for men and women of all ages, where personal discipline and skill levels are achieved through effective leadership, education, and responsible use of firearms.

    PNGPSA organises the annual South Pacific Championships, and many other matches within PNG.

    On the international stage, since 1990 we have sent teams to the very pinnacle event of IPSC shooting - the "World Shoot". This year some 1300 competitors from 85 Nations compete for two weeks of high level competitive pistol shooting.

    Our stalwart representative is Ian Chow who has numerous International accreditations, including that of Range Master. Ian regularly represents Papua New Guinea as a senior International official, and as a competitor. The 2004 Arafura Games earning PNG 9 Gold Medals - that year being PNG’s most successful games.

    IPSC in PNG is practiced in Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka and Rabaul.

    If you would like to try our sport please Contact Us.

    Our motto: DVC – Diligentia Vis Celeritas

    Please visit these sites: International Practical Shooting Confederation | Port Moresby Gun Club

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